As of Monday 10th of April 2017, I will no longer be available for work as a graphic designer. There are several reasons for my arrival at this decision, but the main factor that influenced this is due to the fact that I have had nothing but heartbreak in trying to find solid paying work in this field, and it has crushed me to the point where I simply don’t enjoy designing anymore. There is no positivity in it for me anymore. I am constantly asked to do work for free, or for the promise of exposure, or a pint, and I can’t pay rent or buy food with exposure or a pint; it’s not worth the heartbreak anymore.

I have a small number of people and/or organizations that I’m more than willing to work with for free or a cut price, and those people and organizations are the only people I will be designing for, for the forseeable future. Outside of the selected, I will not be taking design requests, I will not be applying for graphic design opportunities or positions that prove to be fruitless as they frequently do, I will not be doing any design work outside of a hobby.

This is it. It’s over. I’m checking out.